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Security and ecology

Security and ecology

Modern buses for a trip to the top

We do not avoid any comparison regarding comfort and safety. Our modern fleet of coaches is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities to ensure a safe, pleasant and relaxing journey. Coaches are also being considered the safest means of transport. According to research of the University of Hannover the risk of an accident while travelling by car is 39 times, by plane 23,5 times and by train 4 times higher than by coach. And latest research of the WWF attests that coaches have a very low impact on the natural environment.

Is it true that travel with train is the most ecological?

This is true when traveling in Switzerland. Only cycling is even more ecological here. However, international train traffic does not fare as well in the LCA as it does in Germany. A Swiss train consumes an average of 1.1 liters of gasoline equivalent per passenger over a distance of 100 kilometers. The German neighbors are 2.7 liters on long-haul routes and 4.8 liters in regional traffic. This makes a car with two passengers at least as environmentally friendly or harmful as a German regional train. The best balance for inter-European routes creates the travel car.

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